2 inch rubber fire hose return order

The rubber fire hose shipped in the middle of last year reached the performance standards of customers in all aspects during the process of use, meeting customer emergency requirements, and customers gave our products unanimous praise. In view of the excellent performance of the product, the customer has returned the order later, and the goods have now been produced and assembled, ready to be packaged and shipped.

duraline fire hose
Rubber fire hose is favored by foreigner customers due to its excellent cold resistance and aging resistance and wide range of uses. It is not like ordinary PVC hoses, which will be brittle and easily broken in winter. It can be used normally even at minus 30°C. At the same time, its price is relatively cheaper than polyurethane hoses, so many customers tend to choose this type of hose. This time the customer ordered a 2-inch nitrile rubber hose, color is red, with a length of 20 meters.

duraline hose
The connection is a Russian-Gost type.

fire hose with gost coupling

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