4 inch TPU layflat hose sent to Argentina customer

A new customer in Argentina needs a heat-resistant 80°C, antistatic 4 inch TPU layflat hose with conductive wire, for transporting heating oil, and customized interface accessories to meet the customer's system installation. Due to the urgent delivery time, the air freight selected by the customer, and now the goods have arrived in the customer's hands, the customer expresses gratitude to our products and services. Follow-up product use status will also be reported to us in time. This 200-meter hose is a trial order. If the product is in normal use, customers will place orders in large quantities.

Our TPU layflat hoses are generally used for water transportation, and there is less demand for oil transportation. There are many inquiries about oil transportation in 2020. In the first half of this year, our company shipped 24,000 meters of 4-inch oil to Russia for oil spill rescue and drainage. The current trial order is for the delivery of high-temperature oil, which is similar to the delivery of dry heat cement powder requested by our previous customers, and both put high additional requirements on product performance. This requires us to do enough hard work in material modification.

Technical data

Product Name 4 inch TPU layflat hose
Size 4 inch ( 102mm )
Work pressure 2MPa
Bursting pressure 8Mpa
Material Double TPU covered with high strength polyester jacket inside
Length 660ft(200m) or as customer's requirements
Charecteristic High abrasion resistance , anti-UV and long using life
Operation palce Oil transfer






















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