Notes and maintenance of fire hose

1. Hose Connecting. When the hose is connected with the hose coupling, a layer of soft protective material shall be added and then fastened with galvanized iron wire or hose clamp.
2. Use of hose. When using the fire hose, the hose with high pressure should be connected to near the pump, and the hose should prevent torsion or sudden bend and prevent the collision of fire hose coupling. 
3. Hose laying. When laying fire hoses, avoid sharp objects and all kinds of oil. When laying water hoses vertically, use fire hose hooks. When laying fire hoses through the main thoroughfare, you should put a hose bridge to protect the hose. When passing railroad, the hose should pass under the track to prevent the hose from being damaged by the wheels and interrupted water supply.
4. Preventing freezing. During the severe winter season, when the supply of water needs to be suspended on the fire, in order to prevent the fire hose from freezing, the water pump needs to run at a slow speed and maintain a relatively small amount of water.
5. Fire hose cleaning. After the hose is used, it should be cleaned. The hose must be carefully washed to protect the hose. In order to remove grease from the hose, wash it off with warm water or soap. The first thing you must do to deal with the frozen hose is to melt it, then wash and dry it. 

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