Service life of fire hose

Fire hose is a common fire equipment. How many years can the fire hose be used by the state? According to the relevant national regulations, if the fire hose used once, it must be replaced or maintained by the fire maintenance unit, and it should be tested at least once a year, because the fire hose must be under high water pressure during the use. If the time is too long, there will be adhesions on the inner wall. Rubber and pvc hoses are maintained in different ways.
The inner rubber fire hose is made of high-strength polyester-cotton polyester material. It is resistant to high pressure and the inner wall is lined with high-quality rubber. The smooth resistance of the coating is small, and the water belt is resistant to acid, alkali and pressure.
Rubber fire hose: two year warranty
PVC fire hose: two years
Polyurethane fire hose: five years
The storage environment has a small temperature difference, 15 degrees Celsius is the best, no corrosive object gas, etc., and the storage time is longer. When choosing a fire hose, pay attention to the choice according to your own situation, so as to better increase the life of the fire hose.

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